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IT Support

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IT Support Contracts

As we are currently a reasonably small business ourselves we know what flexibility is all about. To this end we are only too happy to offer a support contract that suits you, the customer. We pride ourselves on giving you the type of support that you feel you need. We support you: you are able to sell to, and support your customers in turn.


We offer an extremely wide range of Help Desk style support. From the simple, "we're only a telephone call away" - to the more hands on remote desktop control. From the humble laptop and desktop – to the physical and virtual Server: Workgroup or Domain – we have the experience to ensure your business is up and running 24/7.

Hardware Support

Unfortunately we all have the occasionally memory lapse – and ensuring that hardware is still covered by maintenance agreements is one of those “I must get around to checking it” items. Problem is, hardware does have the habit of going down unexpectedly! With the right support, hardware failure doesn't have to mean telling the customer "Sorry my system is down and I'm afraid I can't take your order until tomorrow". Hardware pre-planning and an eye to detail should mean that the 'deal' always gets clinched. We know about hardware – and how to configure it to get the optimum from it.

Network Management

Network management – let alone configuration – can prove to be difficult, even to the computer literate: for the average user it's a nightmare.
DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, ARP, Domain – the list of 'buzz words' goes on and on.
Why bother to Google any of them – network support is second nature to us.

IT Support